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Company Law

    Most mid-sized to large businesses are run in the form of companies, private or public. 

    We advise clients in all matters relating to the company law. We help clients incorporate new companies and not-for- profit companies and comply with various provisions of the Companies Act including filing of various forms and Annual return. 

    We represent clients before all company law authorities like Registrar of Companies,Company Law Board. 

    We advise and assist clients in matters of takeover, mergers, acquisitions and partnerships of all kinds.

    We also draft agreements and documents for these and work with lawyers, where required,to ensure completion of the transactions.

    We also offer Secretarial services, which includes back office work for compliance with all corporate law requirements like maintenance of statutory records and registers, statutory filing of required documents etc.
 Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) 
       LLPs are new to India and an attractive form of organising a small to mid-sized business. We help clients in the formation of LLPs, representation before statutory authorities etc.

       We also offer Secretarial services. This includes back office work for compliance with all legal requirements like maintenance of statutory records, filing of required documents, etc.
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